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Electrical Home Inspections

Unless we have issues with the electrical in our home, it is easy to forget about our home’s electrical system, and whether or system being properly maintained. For example, you just bought all brand new kitchen appliances, and CANNOT wait to see them installed! However, checking to make sure the appropriate wire gauge is being used for the circuits was overlooked. A situation such as this can cause property damage and/or even a house fire. This is a safety hazard that would be addressed with our Electrical Home inspection.

Electrical Inspections should be done:

Things that often get flagged during an inspection when buying/selling a house are unsafe and outdated panels (Zinsco, Federal Pacific or FPE, Sylvania), and not having GFCI outlets next to water sources.

What are the benefits?

Aside from knowing your home’s electrical system is operating safely, here are some additional benefits of an inspection.


What to expect from an inspection

When you schedule an inspection, one of our certified electricians will come out and inspect your home’s electrical system. Using the NEC National Electrical Code as guide, our team will go through and ensure your electrical system is meeting the safety standards outlined across the United States. After our inspection is complete, you will have a detailed report that outlines the corrections that need to be made right away, what can wait, and suggested updates that will improve your electrical system.

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